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Bitcoin Disrupts Banks. BTU Disrupts Platforms.

Projects with Real World Impact

Tired of tech giants like Expedia, Amazon and Netflix controlling how we explore, shop and entertain online? A disruption is coming. Fueled by blockchain and crypto, startups are emerging with new decentralized alternatives. The BTU Community is on a mission to find and showcase these innovative projects.


Are you developing protocols that let travelers book hotels directly? Platforms where buyers and sellers interact without censorship? Streaming sites where creators earn from fans? The world needs to know about your work. As believers in decentralization, the BTU community separates hype from reality. Let's promote projects which can truly deliver alternatives to today's online monopolies.


Join the BTU community if you're supporting the technologies that will displace centralized dominance. Share your ideas to help chart the path towards a fairer digital future owned by users, not corporations. A new internet is emerging - one built on decentralization, transparency and user control. Through open collaboration, the BTU community will support the innovations shaping Web 3.

À propos
Vitalik Buterin

« Instead of putting the taxi driver out of a job, blockchain puts Uber out of a job and lets the taxi drivers work with the customer directly.»


How does it work?

1. Identify

Through collaboration amongst its members, BTU Protocol seeks to identify those with potential to make an impact and disrupt platforms thanks to decentralization..

2. Use

The BTU Community aims to accelerate real-world usage of the most viable decentralized alternatives. BTU community members have strong incentives to be early adopters of the decentralized platforms highlighted by the group.

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Whether you want to join the BTU community as an individual, launch a new disruptive project with the support the BTU community, get an existing project listed as a partner, or just send some feedback, please feel free to leave a message!

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